[Jokes] Godsent slept with landlord’s wife


This evening, Godsent’s Landlord was complaining that Ocube had impregnated his daughter. As Godsent over-heard the landlord shouting, he came out of his house and asked the landlord.

Godsent: Oga landlord, what have Ocube done this time?.

Landlord: Ocube got the mind to impregnate my only daughter.

Godsent: Oga landlord, are you sure of what you are saying?.

Landlord: Yes, this evening i saw my daughter vomiting, when i noticed that she was pregnant, i asked her who impregnated her and she said that Ocube is the one who impregnated her.

Godsent: Abomination, Ocube is a fool, he is a bastard. Oga landlord since i have been sleeping with your wife, have ypu gotten any report that i have impregnated her?.

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