[Jokes] Let’s go back to the start goes wrong


Ocube : MTN people are eating our money too much.
Girlfriend: Yes the stealing is too much.
Ocube : I got an idea, instead of using phone, why don’t we use a pigeon in sending messages like the old time,
just tie your message to it’s leg if you want to reply.
Girlfriend: I like what is in your head. After an hour of waiting, Ocube’s girlfriend saw the pigeon in the window, she checked it’s leg’s but nothing there, she sent it back, just a few minutes it comes back, she quickly grabs it but to her disappointment no message again, she sent it back. After some few minutes, she opened the window for the pigeon to come in, she checked it’s legs but still no message. With much anger, she headed to Ocube’s house and shouted “Ocube come here, you idiot, you said you will send message through this pigeon but why the three times it came to me, no message?.
Ocube: You don’t get it…It’s 3 missed calls
not message.

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