[Jokes] Listen to God


Akpos was working on a crane, suddenly he slipped off.
While falling, he held on to a branch and started yelling for help, but no one came. At the point of giving up he said God please help me, i’ll listen to you henceforth’, then he heard a voice calling his name:
God: Akpos!
Akpos: Who is that?
God: It’s me, your Father Lord God.
Akpos: Yes Lord, i know u’d help me.
God: Whatever i say, u’ll do?
Akpos: Yes Lord. I’ll do anything u say.
God: Ok, let go off d branch!
Akpos: Noo what did you just say?
God: I said let go off d branch.
Akpos: Abeg, carry ur own go. Any other
person to help me? heeeeelp!!!!
One word for Akpos??


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