[Jokes] Pastors Versus Fathers


A group of Catholic Priests were due to play a group of Anglican Pastors in an important inter-faith game.
A few days before the match, disaster struck.
The Catholic team’s star player broke his ankle and the doctor said he wouldn’t be able to play again for at least two months.

“What are we going to do? moaned Father Matthew.

“Well,” said Father Thomas, “it so happens that Christiano Ronaldo is a good friend of mine.
We could ask him to play for us.”

“But that wouldn’t be fair” said Father Matthew.

“No, but if we called him Father Ronaldo, no one need know,” replied Father Thomas.

Eventually Father Matthew agreed to let this devious plan go ahead but then, as luck would have it,
he was suddenly called away on official Church business and was unable to watch the match.
As soon as he could, he phoned Father Thomas for the result.

“I’m afraid they beat us, 6-0,” said Father Thomas.

“But how could that happen?” queried Father Matthew. “We had Father Ronaldo in our team.”

“Yes,” said Father Thomas, “but they had Pastor Rooney and Pastor Lampard playing for them.”

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