Man records moment he was restrained after his girlfriend cheated on him, begging him not to leave (Video)


A young lady has been caught on camera preventing her boyfriend from leaving her after she allegedly cheated on him. He is said to have found out that she saw another guy behind her and when he confronted her she denied it.

However, she didn’t know, the man had proof, so when he presented it to her, she couldn’t deny it anymore.

In a video shared on social media, the young man can be seen trying to get out of the house but is held by his wife and begged him not to leave her.

The man was recording himself while the movie was going, saying he was waiting for the police to come and see how they harassed him.

She refused to loosen her grip while pleading passionately and telling him that she will give him anything he wants, but he insisted on her letting go of him so that he could leave.

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