Minister Dunsin Oyekan Shares Testimony About The Death Of His Wife


Many lovers of Gospel music particularly those who have been blessed through the spirit filled music of Dunsin Oyekan have sang and bust into tongues when singing his hit single, “I’ll be here.” Many are also aware that he lost his wife in May 2019. But what most people do not know is the link between his popular tune “i’ll be here” and the death of his wife.

In a viral video on Youtube, Click Watch/Download Video Dunsin Oyekan said “this song came in pain. I lost my wife almost two years ago. And in the middle of years , in the middle of pain, the only person I could run to was God. And I said to God of the days, I’ll be here lifting hands, even when it isn’t easy.”

For so long, gospel music lovers have resonated with the profound message of the track without a clear understanding of the reason each listener identifies strongly with it. This song came out of pain and grief as a reassurance that he serves a God that can heal the pains of man. Like Abraham, he expressed his confidence in the lord though he didn’t understand the reason death snatched his wife.

“And the lord said to me, if you focus on the pain of transition, you will miss it’s purpose.”

Dunsin Oyekan describes his relationship with God as boundless. Processing Roman 8; what shall separate us from the love of God he says, “in pain I see purpose, in grief I find grace.”.

The gospel fraternity woke up to the heart-breaking news of the death of Adedoyin Oyekan in May 2019. Cause of death was not disclosed. However, Dunsin Oyekan’s reaction to the death was prodigious. He chose to celebrate his wife rather than mourn.

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