The woman who destroyed the house of a married man in the past screams when his wife shows up, weeks before her wedding


A woman screams as a woman she’s hurt in the past, bounces back and vows to ruin her impending marriage to the love of her life. Sharing her grieving ordeal, woman confesses that she lived a very difficult life in the past, dating a married man and causing him to abandon his family mine.

A few months later, she broke up with him and later met her boyfriend, who was engaged. However, just a few weeks after their wedding, the wife of the married man she dated and destroyed their house, resurrected, and vowed to do everything she could to destroy it, including including sending nude photos to her future husband.

She wrote;

“I lived a very rough life. I dated a married man and caused havoc in his home. His wife came and begged me to leave her husband. Her children were hungry.

I used it against her by reporting to the husband that she threatened me. The man now packed of the house and abandoned them.

I later broke up with the man, changed my number and concentrated on my fiance. I don’t know what later happened between them. My marriage is December. My husband is coming from U.S this November. After the marriage, we go together.

Everything is ready. This woman surfaced from nowhere and sent my nude video with her husband to my DM and threatened she will send to my husband. She’s presently looking for my husband’s contact. She said if she can’t get it, she will come to my wedding and show him. I have been apologizing. If my fiance sees the video, he won’t hesitate to end it”.

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