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exam - BIO 102

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Animal of phylum Porifera are characterized by

In vertebrates the blastopore becomes the anus, and duringcleavage, the regulatory signal in the egg are evenly distributed inthe cells. An invertebrate phylum sharing these characteristics is the:

Taenia solium lacks alimentary canal because

Division of the body into head, thorax and abdomen is a characteristic of

The nitrogenous waste in cockroach is mainly excreted as

Larva of sponge is known as

The communication in bees by special body movements (dances) was discovered by

Hemocoelic body cavity is a characteristic of

Nematodes are animals with a body cavity between the endoderm and the mesoderm.

The intermediate host of Fasciola is

Which of the following swim by ciliary action?

A sponge can be distinguished from other animals by the presence of

An important character which platyhelminthes share with theacnidarians is

Platyhelminthes are best described as

In helminthes, flame cells are component of their

Sponges belong to the subkingdom Eumetazoa.

A jellyfish is an example of a medusa body form.

Rhabdites are present in the cells of epidermis in

Which of the following is called ‘Blood fluke’ of man?

In the life cycle of Liverfluke the sheep get infection when they ingest

Pronounced cephalisation is a characteristic

A well developed nervous system and sense organs are present inmembers of the class

Free living platyhelminthes forms belong to the class

The presence of collarcells in sponges suggests an evolutionaryrelationship between the sponges and ciliates.

The distal parts of Malpighian tubules in Cockroach

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