CSC 102

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exam - CSC 102

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Statement in BASIC language 10 IF A1=A2 THEN ComparisonCDN$ = "EQUAL" is an example of

Using 10's complement subtracting 3250 from 72532 is equal to

ASCII is an

What was the computer invented by Attanasoff and Clifford?

Computers with 80286 microprocessor is

Sequence of instructions that are carried out for a particular task is classified as

If in a computer, 16 bits are used to specify address in a RAM, the number of addresses will be

Which of following gate is represented by x+y=z?

First operator precedence for evaluating Boolean expressions is

What is the main difference between a mainframe and a super computer?

When divisions of decimals are involved in program, these numbers are stored in

Before a disk drive can access any sector record, a computerprogram has to provide the record’s disk address. What information does this address specify?

The two major types of computer chips are

Representation of 8620 in binary is

Compute 75268 - 31428

In statement 110 IF Num = INT(Num) THEN PRINT "Whole number' "of BASIC language, built-in function is

Which of the following was a special purpose computer?


Subtraction of two signed numbers is performed with

The output quality of a printer is measured by

The ALU of a computer responds to the commands coming from

CD-ROM is a

The use of program stored in memory to control the order of arithmetic operations, makes ______ to run order of magnitude faster than  _______

Which statement is NOT a "special care" to ensure that data saved on your CD/DVD is preserved?

System software's are supplied by the

The two kinds of main memory are:

A hybrid computer

Name given by a programmer to some data is classified as

A storage area used to store data to a compensate for the difference in speed at which the different units can handle data is

A ________ of data can be conceptually represented as eight consecutive 1s or 0s..

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