PHY 102 Pre Test

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PHY 102

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The ability of charged bodies to exert force on one another is attributed to the existence of

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The lines of force due to charged particles are

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A capacitor stores 0.24 coulombs at 10 volts. Its capacitance is

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A potential of 400V is applied to a capacitor, the plates of which are 4mm apart. The strength of electric field is

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If an ohm meter reading immediately goes practically to zero and stays there, capacitor is

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A capacitance is a circuit component that opposes the change in circuit ?

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"The total electric flux through any closed surface surrounding charges is equal to the amount of charge enclosed".

The above statement is associated with:

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Permittivity is expressed in

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The electrostatic force between two charges of one coulomb each and placed at a distance of 0.5 m will be

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An uncharged conductor is placed near a charged conductor, then

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The time constant of an R-C circuit is defined as the time during which capacitor charging voltage actually rises to ______ percent of its value.

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Which of the following statements is incorrect ?

The leakage resistance of ceramic capacitors is generally hig


(b) The stored energy in a capacitor decreases with reduction in value of capacitance

(c) The stored energy in a capacitor increases with applied voltag

(d) A wire cable has distributed capacitance between the conductor

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Which of the following statements is correct?

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The dissipation factor a good dielectric is of the order of

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The ohm meter reading for a short circuited capacitor is

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is that property of a capacitor which delays any change of voltage across it.

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Two infinite parallel plates 10 mm apart have maintained between them a potential difference of 100 V. The acceleration of an electron placed between them is

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The time constant and R-C circuit may also be defined as the time during which the charging current falls to ______ percent of its initial maximum value,

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Paper condenser is

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Inorder to remove static electricity from machinery

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