PHY 102 Pre Test

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PHY 102

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The value of E within the field due to a point charge can be found with the help of

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For which of the following parameter variation,the capacitance of the capacitor remains unaffected ?

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The total electric flux through any closed surface surrounding charges is equal to the amount of  charge enclosed".
The above statement is associated with

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Which of the following statements is incorrect ?

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A single core cable used on33000 V has conductor diameter 10 mm and the internal diameter of sheath 25 mm. The maximum electrostatic stress in the cable is

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The electric field at a point situated at a distance d from straight charged conductor is

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An electrolytic capacitor is generally made to provide

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The time constant of an R-C circuit is defined as the time during which capacitor charging voltage actually rises to ______ percent of its value.

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The bridge used for the measurement of the value of the capacitance is ?

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Which of the following capacitors will have the least variation?

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is that property of a capacitor which delays any change of voltage across it.

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A condenser suitable for D.C. only is ?

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Inorder to remove static electricity from machinery

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A capacitor having capacitance of 5 uF is charged to a potential difference of 10,000 V. The energy stored in the capacitor is

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Mica capacitors are characterised by all of the following except

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The electrostatic force between two charges of one coulomb each and placed at a distance of 0.5 m will be

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The presence of an uncharged conductor near a charged one increases the

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What will happen to an insulating medium if voltage more than the breakdown voltage is applied onit ?

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In a capacitor,the electric charge is stored in

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