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exam - GNS 106

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The following is an example of an argument that follows the rule of ---------------------

All men are mortal

Socrates is a man

      Therefore, Socrates is mortal

Another word for “premise” is …………..

-----------rule holds that from a conditional statement and the negation of its consequent we can validly affirm the negation of its antecedent.

A good leader needs what to move the nation forward with

Relativism is a form of_____

The statement pºq is true when:

A prominent philosopher who criticized the Socratic method is ______

Logic is a

“All universities are headed by a vice chancellor. Since FUTA is a university, it is headed by a vice chancellor.” This argument is

“Only 100 level students offer GNS 106. Since GNS 106 exams is today, all 100 level students will sit for GNS 106 exams today.” This argument is

When you hit your left leg against a stone, you should have gone back home because that was enough signal to indicate that you will not meet the chairman in his office. This is a fallacy of _____

All birds have wings. The sparrow is a bird. Therefore, the sparrow has wings. This argument is

______ is the ancient philosopher that likened  himself to a midwife

He will succeed in his examinations if and only if he will read well. This is an example of a ________ statement
This is an example of the law of _____ If A then it is A.

_______ holds the theory that all knowledge come from experience

The literary and debating unit is formed by best students from each of the classes. Therefore, the unit is the best in the school. This is a fallacy of _______

Argumentum ad Hominem can be

A syllogistic argument has ______ premises

Someone with a similar experience would understand our needs better than all else. That is why all university students and graduates should vote for a university degree holder. This argument is an example of a fallacy that appeals to

A set of letters p-z used in logical denotations are called

If Olu is a boy then he attends a male school. This is an example of a ______ statement

The branch of philosophy that studies the ought of human conduct is

Akure is the capital city of Ondo state, then the state house must be located in Akure because all state houses are located in state capitals.” This argument is

That a proposition cannot be true and false at the same time obeys the law of

“Not all FUTA students stay off campus. Sade is a FUTA student, therefore, Sade stays  at Stateline.” This argument is

Education is from the  Latin word

One of these is the most correct

JTB is a view in the area of the problem of:

Argumentum ad Hominem is the Latin name for the fallacy of

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