STAT 122/224

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STA 122/224

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In study of 100 students that had been awarded Ondo State scholarship, it was found that 40 had part-time jobs,25 had made the Dean’s list the previous semester, and 15 had both apart time job and had made the Dean’s list. What is the probability that a student had a part-time or was on the Dean’s list?

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A probability near 1 indicates an event is

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What is the class size of a class whose upper boundary is 10.5 and lower boundary is 4.5?

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Suppose that we have a samples pace S={E1,E2,E3},where E1,E2 and E3 denote the experimental outcomes and the following probability assignments are given for the sample events P(E1)=0.3,P(E2)=0.25,P(E3)=0.45.LetA={E1,E2}.Find P(A).

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A mode:

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The expected value of X having binomial distribution with parameters n and p is

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What is the class mark of a class whose upper limit is 11.5 and lower limit is 7.2?

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With the help of histogram we can draw

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Examples of Designs of Experiment are except-----------

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Two events A and B are mutually exclusive if

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Generally, ordinal variables are best displayed visually with:

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A random variable y has a pdf given below f(y)=k(y2+4) for 0

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The variance:

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If two variables are absolutely independent of each other the correlation between them must be,

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Suppose P(A)=0.70,P(B)=0.20 and P(A∩B)=0.15.Find P(A∪B)

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If the largest value of a data set is doubled ,which of the following is false?

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Suppose out of 10 objective questions in STA 122, five are to be answered. How many different sets of questions are possible?

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A fair die is thrown twice and the two outcomes are added. What is the probability of getting an odd number? Hint: There are 36 outcomes in all.

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Two events A and B are said to be INDEPENDENT if.......

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These to fall possible values of a random variable X is called

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The number of samples of five light-bulbs that can be selected from a lot of 20 bulbs is?

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A fair coin is flip twice  .The outcomes are {HH,HT,TH,TT}. Each has the same probability . Which of the following options satisfies that the event H1 (where the first flip comes up heads) is independent from the event H2 (where the second flip comes up heads).

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When are events said to be collectively exhaustive ? This is when

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Suppose two events E and F with non-zero probabilities are mutually exclusive. Then

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The variance measures deviation around the :

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