STAT 122/224

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STA 122/224

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Two events ,A and B are mutually exclusive and each have a non zero probability .If event A is known to occur ,the probability of the occurrence of event B is

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Generally, ordinal variables are best displayed visually with:

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Sample space is defined as

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Find the co-  efficient of variation of a variable whose mean is 10 and variance is

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The variance measures deviation around the :

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Suppose P(A1∩A2)=0. Suppose further that  P(A1)=0.60,P(A2)=0.40 ,P(B|A1)=0.70 and P(B|A2)=0.20.Find P(A1|B).

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What is the class mark of a class whose upper limit is 11.5 and lower limit is 7.2?

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How many eras do we have in history of design of experiments?

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A fair die is thrown twice and the two outcomes are added. What is the probability of getting an odd number? Hint: There are 36 outcomes in all.

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Statistics is the study of the following:

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Sample space is itself an

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The expected value of X having binomial distribution with parameters n and p is

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A random variable y has a pdf given below f(y)=k(y2+4) for 0

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The measure that deals with the spread of the data is known as measure of

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Suppose that we have a samples pace S={E1,E2,E3},where E1,E2 and E3 denote the experimental outcomes and the following probability assignments are given for the sample events P(E1)=0.3,P(E2)=0.25,P(E3)=0.45.LetA={E1,E2}.Find P(A).

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R2 is the statistical notation for

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Examples of Designs of Experiment are except-----------

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Sample space has probability.

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With the help of histogram we can draw

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Tay-Sachs disease is a rare but fatal disease of genetic origin occurring chiefly in infants and children, especially those of eastern European extraction. If a couple are both carriers of Tay Sachs disease, a child of theirs has probability 0.25 of being born with the disease. If such a couple has four children, what is the probability that all the children will have the disease ?

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How many ways can four children be lined up?

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µ and β are examples of

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Suppose two events E and F with non-zero probabilities are mutually exclusive. Then

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A die is rolled and a coin is tossed, find the probability that the die shows an odd number and the coin shows ahead.

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A couple decides to have children until either (i)they have both a boy and a girl or (ii)they have three children .What is the set of outcomes? Write B for boy ,G for girl ,and write them in birth order.

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