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exam - CHE 102

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The chemical properties of alkynes are very different from those of alkenes.

Which is a difference between butene and cyclobutene?

Two moles of hydrogen gas would be required to convert one mole of 2-butyne into butane.

Which of the following compounds exhibits structural isomerism?

There are more inorganic compounds than organic compounds.

The compound has the IUPAC name

A correct IUPAC name for  is

2-butyne can exist as cis- and trans- isomers.

Name a difference between a saturated and an unsaturated hydrocarbon.

All of the members of the alkane series of hydrocarbons have the general formula

Inorganic compounds are never found in living systems.

The conversion of cyclohexene to cyclohexane requires the reagent(s)

Which of the following formulas represents an organic compound?

Alkanes are _____ in water and _____ than water.

How many structural isomers are possible for butane (molecular formula C4C10)?

The component  is _____-1,2dimethylcyclopropane.

Which applies to the manner in which carbon bonds in alkanes?

The IUPAC name for


A general formula for cycloalkanes is

What is the characteristic of aromatic compounds that is responsible for them being named aromatic compounds?

Aromatic compounds dissolve well in a nonpolar solvent.

What is a characteristic shared by the alkanes?

Isomers always have the same empirical (molecular) formula.

Which of the following terms applies to the alkanes?

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