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exam - STA 122

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With the help of histogram we can draw

Statistics is the study of the following:

When are events said to be collectively exhaustive ? This is when

The harmonic mean of five figures is 3.505843, if four of them are 7, 5, 3 and 2, what is the fifth figure (to the nearest whole number)?

One of the following is NOT a statistic

The expected value of X having binomial distribution with parameters n and p is

If two variables are absolutely independent of each other the correlation between them must be,

What is the class size of a class whose upper boundary is 10.5 and lower boundary is 4.5?

Two events ,A and B are mutually exclusive and each have a non zero probability .If event A is known to occur ,the probability of the occurrence of event B is

Examples of Designs of Experiment are except-----------

Tay-Sachs disease is a rare but fatal disease of genetic origin occurring briefly in infants and children, especially those of eastern European extraction. If a couple are both carriers of Tay Sachs disease, a child of theirs has probability 0.25 of being born with the disease. If such a couple has four children, what is the probability that no child will have the disease?

The number of samples of five light-bulbs that can be selected from a lot of 20 bulbs is?

A statistician collected data on In come per person 200 individuals. He has a mean of 12482.3 and median 6975.14.Which of these is likely to be true?

Consider the experiment of drawing 1 card from a deck of 52 cards and observing whether or not the card is a spade. What is the probability of drawing a spade?

The following are the basic principles of Design of Experiment except--------------

The variance:

The variance measures deviation around the :

Commonly used statistical methodologies in data analysis include

As __________is to population so is _____________sample.

All correlation coefficients share in common the property that they range between

The following are the measure of dispersion except

Which of the following is an example of discrete variable?

Let X be the number of boreholes a company drill with a mean of 3 borehole per town in Nigeria. What is the probability that the company drill at most one borehole in a randomly selected town?

µ and β are examples of

The differences between the upper and lower boundary of class is called____________

Which of the following is not an example of a ratio scale variable?

There are two car factories, A and B. Each year ,factory A produces 1000 cars ,of which 10 are lemons. Factory B produces 2 cars, which are lemons. All cars go to a single lot ,where they are thoroughly mixed up. I buy a   is the probability it came from factory B?

Two events A and B are mutually exclusive if

In study of 100 students that had been awarded Ondo State scholarship, it was found that 40 had part-time jobs,25 had made the Dean’s list the previous semester, and 15 had both apart time job and had made the Dean’s list. What is the probability that a student had a part-time or was on the Dean’s list?

Suppose P(A1∩A2)=0. Suppose further that  P(A1)=0.60,P(A2)=0.40 ,P(B|A1)=0.70 and P(B|A2)=0.20.Find P(A1|B).

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