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exam - STA 122

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If the largest value of a data set is doubled ,which of the following is false?

If two variables are absolutely independent of each other the correlation between them must be,

Measure of dispersion (or variability)includes the following except

The measure that deals with the spread of the data is known as measure of

Suppose two events E and F with non-zero probabilities are mutually exclusive. Then

These to fall possible values of a random variable X is called

Let X be the number of borehole a company drill with a mean of 3 borehole per town in Nigeria .What is the probability that the company drill at least one borehole in a randomly selected town.

Which measure of central tendency takes into account the magnitude of score?

The variance:

Examples of Designs of Experiment are except-----------

A fair die is thrown twice and the two outcomes are added. What is the probability of getting an odd number? Hint: There are 36 outcomes in all.

Suppose P(A)=0.70,P(B)=0.20 and P(A∩B)=0.15.Find P(A∪B)

An experiment has four equally likely outcomes :E1,E2,E3,andE4.What is the probability that any three of the outcomes occur(e.g.,E1or E2or E4)?

Generally, ordinal variables are best displayed visually with:

4.IfN=10,X=12and∑x2=1530.What is the coefficient of Variation?

Suppose P(A)=0.70, P(B)=0.20 and P(A∩B)=0.15.Find P(A∩B)

For the set of numbers 2,3,5,6,7,7,8

A die is rolled and a coin is tossed, find the probability that the die shows an odd number and the coin shows ahead.

The harmonic mean of five figures is 3.505843, if four of them are 7, 5, 3 and 2, what is the fifth figure (to the nearest whole number)?

A class has 24 students.4 can represent the class at an exam board. How many combinations are possible when choosing this group?

The_________is often the preferred measure of central tendency if the data are severely

Which of the following best characterizes the null hypothesis for chi-square tests?

Tay-Sachs disease is a rare but fatal disease of genetic origin occurring briefly in infants and children, especially those of eastern European extraction. If a couple are both carriers of Tay Sachs disease, a child of theirs has probability 0.25 of being born with the disease. If such a couple has four children, what is the probability that no child will have the disease?

A fair coin is flip twice  .The outcomes are {HH,HT,TH,TT}. Each has the same probability . Which of the following options satisfies that the event H1 (where the first flip comes up heads) is independent from the event H2 (where the second flip comes up heads).

The expected value of X having binomial distribution with parameters n and p is

If two events are independent, then A. they must be mutually exclusive

Two events A and B are mutually exclusive if

If the slope of the regression line is calculated to be 2.5 and the intercept 16 then the value of Y when X is 4 is:

Given the set of data 1,5,6, 10,3 the range and the mean deviation respectively are

Consider the experiment of drawing 1 card from a deck of 52 cards and observing whether or not the card is a spade. What is the probability of drawing a spade?

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